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Movie Review: The Wolf Of Wall Street

With my daughter away with my folks for the week my old lady and me are taking some time to see some flicks that we might not have otherwise been able to catch. So just yesterday we went down to the cine-plex and caught The Wolf Of Wall Street, the new Martin Scorsese joint. It was alright. There were a lot of good scenes in it but I was not aware that it was 3 hours long. Dude, that's a long time. If you add in trailers and the little bit of time that you get there early so that you can get a good seat you are maybe going to spend like 4 hours or so at the movies. I love the movies. I really do, but that is a long time.

I think that the performances where good in particular Jonah Hill who plays one of the Wolf's cohorts. I mean, who knew that dude was a good, no really good, actor? I'm totally impressed with the dramatic chops that the kid shows just about every time he's out there nowadays. He's good in Wolf and so is Leo and the direction is top notch. It's just the length is devastating. Also, part of the problem is that it's not an original story which I'd want for the amount of time I had to invest in it. 

We've all seen movies about Wall Street and the creeps who work there and how they rip people off and live a really high, depraved lifestyle until it all comes crashing down. I guess Scorsese kind of made his fortune with tropes (Gangsters. but that's his thing) but I wasn't looking for him to take on a different one in his latest feature.  

It's in no way a bad movie. I can't stress that enough. There are a lot of really good scenes in it and none that I'd cut out if I was in charge. I think that it's the kind of movie that would be more fun on cable or DVD then it is at the cinema. There are a lot of times that I would have liked to pause the movie and take a break but at the theater you just can't do that (duh). Given the chance I'm sure that I'll watch parts of it when it finally hits HBO or whatever. I probably just wouldn't sit and watch the whole thing all over again in one sitting...

Basically the story of the whole thing is about the rise and fall of The Wolf Of Wall Street played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He starts off as a sleazy stock broker and then goes onto start his own firm that rips off hard working scrubs with promises of massive gains at the stock game. Eventually he and his boys start raking it in hand over fist and start living it up to a ridiculous level of depravity (drugs, hookers etc). Of course this draws the attention of the FBI who bring the whole thing down. It's a tale as old as time, or at least as old as the 80's. 

Happy New Years 2013

What a beautiful image. I mean, it really says it all. If you survived the year you did fine. Let's hope that we all do the same again this time around. Anything on top of that is gravy. It's important to remember that. 

We aren't guaranteed anything in life so be thankful for every little thing that you have. Appreciate the little things because they aren't that little to people that don't have them. 

There is a lot of misery and pain in the world. Let's be thankful that we are safe and sound and probably will be tomorrow. That in its self is a miracle when you look at history and the state of the world. Things aren't perfect but they are pretty good. 

Happy New Years from the team down here at The IseeRobots Control Center. I appreciate you stopping by as many times as you did. Thanks and all the best. 

Anchorman 2: Movie Review

My family has a long standing tradition of taking a movie in every Christmas. I don't remember what we saw last year or the year before that but I do know that we always go. It's not that I don't respect the tradition enough to remember the movie it's just  that usually after a large and fulfilling Christmas Dinner that it's not going to "The Cinema" as much as it's just staring at the big screen attached to the wall while trying to keep the roast beef  I had at my Aunt's house from coming up when I burp.

This year we went and saw Anchorman 2. It was a big move for us because we have a 12 year old daughter and this was going to be one of her first exposures to more adult ideas in a movie type setting. I'm not a prude but I'm also not one of those dudes that you see with their teenagers watching Paranormal Activity or whatever. Heck, I think that The Walking Dead is grossly inappropriate for kids but according to her the majority of her classmates watch the show every week with their families. Is it just me or is that really weird? 

I have a rule about viewing questionable material. That rule is: If it's good she can watch. Does that make sense? What I mean, and this isn't a hard and fast kind of deal is that, I wouldn't let her watch really violent stuff just because it's a quality example of the horror genre like the original Halloween movie or the first couple of Friday The 13th movies but if she wants to watch something with a little bawdy humor that happens to be PG 13 or R I'm fine with that, as long as it's funny. If she for some reason wanted to watch a top notch feature that happened to be violent like Apocalypse Now or something I'd probably let her. Mostly because she wouldn't like it but whatever. That's another topic.

Anyway, Anchorman 2 is good. It's funny. I can't say that it's as funny as the original but you'd be hard pressed to find a movie that's as funny as Anchorman. Still though the sequel delivers. If you liked the first one then you will most assuredly like this one too.  

The basic deal is that Ron Burgundy loses his job on the daily news and gets hired by an all new station that is going with a yet to be created all day news format. Think CNN, it's actually supposed to be CNN but they call it GNN instead. 

So Ron get's his whole team together again to join him at GNN for what he disappointingly discovers is the graveyard shift. 

After a conflict with another newscaster that leads to a potentially life altering wager, Ron, who is desperately in need of ratings has a masterstroke of inspiration and creates the now ubiquitous feel good news format. Genius! 

His format takes the world by storm and before you know it he's anchoring the prime time telecast and is madly on his way to worldwide stardom.  Of course it all goes to his head and that's where the conflict really gets a head of steam. The News Team can't stand how Ron is making a mockery of the news game and eventually they leave him to rot on the vine. It's all downhill from there. 

I really enjoyed the movie. It's a bit long but that's ok because it's long with JOKES. I read an article in Rolling Stone that said that they had so much material in the can that they might release an all new version of the movie with the same plot and the same scenes but with all new jokes. That's pretty awesome right there. I hope that if they don't actually release it to the theater that they make that version available on the DVD. That's be awesome. I'd totally order it.

Overall I'd call Anchorman 2 a win. It has faults but most of the faults are because they are trying really hard to make you laugh and that's cool right? I mean, the worst thing about the movie is that it's a little too long but it's a little too long because they had so much good material. That's a good problem to have in a movie. 

Marvel Subscription Advert 1982

 I like this one too. Imagine seeing three supervillians caroling outside your window. Two of those dudes are really bad and Doc Ock is a total prick too. Again, Christmas spirit is everywhere..

Marvel Christmas Subscription Deal

I really dig these Marvel Christmas images. I think that my favorite here is Conan at 6 O'clock and Luke Cage at 12. Conan is almost smiling and Power Man is practically grinning. It's the Christmas Spirit if full effect. 

Christmas In Gotham

The He-Man Christmas Special

I don't know as much about He-Man as I do about some other properties but I wonder why they have Christmas in Eternia? Are they Christian? Probably not but even hear on earth most people who celebrate Christmas probably don't consider themselves Christian...

IseeRobots Radio Christmas Special 2013

Download | Duration: 00:59:41

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. It's that time again! Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. I mean that. I love Christmas. Who doesn't? Weirdos. That's who. Anyway, with that all said let me introduce you to a long standing tradition around these parts. The IseeRobots Christmas Special. Ok, I know it's been a couple of Christmases since I pooped one of these out but come on, give me a break. It's hard to come up with a fresh mix of Christmas tunes. It's not like they are coming out with new awesome ones every year or anything. 

I focused this years special on a very particular like of mine, Power Records, OK, some of the samples come from Peter Pan records but Peter Pan was the children's division of Power Records so to me they are the same. It doesn't matter anyway, the mix is cool so just take a listen..

Power Records is that company from your youth that produced those superhero or celebrity based story records that came combined with a little comic book or photo book that illustrated the story that you were listening to. I loved me some Power Records back in the day. Dude, I still do. So what I did for this year's Christmas Show was take the best parts of three different Power Records Christmas Specials and combine them with some cool seasonal commercials as well as some really great Christmas songs. It's basically an hour long of Christmas goodness. It's family friendly so feel free to play it while you decorate your tree or sip eggnog. It's cool for either situation.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the support. We here at ISR wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, A great next year too while we're at it....

A Cobra Commander Christmas

I can really get behind the Cobra Commander/Charlie Brown comparison....

Firefly ganking some gifts.

What a creep. Who'd rob a GI Joe Toy Drive anyway? Cobra's creepy saboteur Firefly. That's who. I wouldn't put anything past that guy. He's pretty nefarious and can't be trusted to maintain the basic social contract of not stealing from charity....

T.R.O.Y: Paul Walker

I don't think that we really knew that just about everyone like Paul Walker until he died. Seriously there is a worldwide outpouring of love for Paul Walk. It's really nice. I'm a huge Paul Walker fan and love me some Fast and Furious. The franchise is so great and keeps getting better everytime. Seriously. Each one is better and cooler than the last one. They keep getting wilder and more out there which is the exact direction that they should be going. 

As we all know Paul died in a car accident over the weekend. For about an hour after it happened it seemed like the story was a hoax. The story was all over my Facebook feed everyone was talking about the sad ass news. At first everyone thought that it was real and then that it was a hoax  but eventually word came from his official twitter that he was gone. It's a crazy ending. It'd be like Stallone dying in a boxing match or Keanu Reeves entering The Matrix for reals. 

I'd imagine that The Fast and Furious will keep going. I think that they could lose everyone and still keep on keeping on. They actually did do that for Tokyo Drift before returning to the original cast and that movie was cool and could have potentially pooped out a franchise of it's own. Fast and Furious is indestructible. 

I was listening to the How Did This Get Made Podcast one time and the host Jason Mantzoukas was talking about the Fast And Furious 6 and during the course of saying how much he loved the movies he nicknamed the two lead cats, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, Vin Deez and Paul Walk. I liked that. It was like the movies were so dope that he felt like he knew the two of them personally but the bad nicknames show that he totally did not.  I really dug that so I started calling them that too. 
Rest In Peace Paul Walk

Star Trek Ultimate Fantasy!

I recently got up on these back issues of Star Log. I love that magazine. Like totally love it. Anyway, I was going through and came across this ad on the back page. I'm so interested in this. What is it? It looks like some sort of ad for like a live Star Trek performance. Is that what it is? I think that some further research is in order... hold on, let's take a look.. 

Ok, it turns out that it was just a really large convention not some kind of stage play-musical performance thing like I imagined when I first saw the ad but it was also a devastating fail. So large of a fail that someone is actually making a documentary about it. Here is the trailer... 

I'd totally watch that doc. It's still in the funding phase though. I think that it's one of those kickstarter deals. I can dig it when people do that but I also feel sort of weird about it too. I'm not so sure that I want to help fund a movie for the promise of swag. I like swag but it's weird that I'm helping to pay for the movie but don't see any of the profits. I realize that my cut of the backend on a 15 dollar investment is probably the same as if the producer gave me a autographed copy of the DVD but still, it's weird to me.. More power to them though. I hope that it all works out. 

 I feel like the folks who ran the event prolly tried to put something good out there. I imagine that it's really hard to get something like this off the ground. There are so many little details that have to be attended to. Party or event planning isn't for the weak of heart...

Here is some more info about the Con' debacle..

Everything started to unravel almost immediately. People arriving at the designated hotel on the night before the con heard strange rumblings about money problems and a much lower attendance than the promoters had planned for. I'm not sure why this con failed to get the anticipated numbers. After all, the early cons in New York had drawn 14,000 and more. Perhaps it was the Houston location – a long trip for anyone other than a devoted (and flush) fan. The con itself was expensive, even if you didn't get one of the larger package deals. It was summer, and Houston was hot as Vulcan, the kind of humid heat that plastered your shirt to your body if you just stepped outside for five minutes. Whatever the reasons, fans just didn't come forth in great numbers, not enough to pay for everything that had been contracted for plus the appearance fees of all the guests they had invited.
Oh, well. What are you going to do? It was a good idea in theory. 

Cow Palace 1989 WWF Match Sheet


I picked up a bunch of 80's wrestling magazines at a local junk store and found this in the middle of one of them, a copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated with Magnum TA on the cover. It's a list of all the matches on a show that they give you inside of the program. 

I saw the WWF at the Cow Palace a bunch of times. Not this event here but a grip of other one's just like it. I really like The Cow Palace. If they still ran there I'd go from time to time but they usually book shows in San Jose and that's a little outside my travel zone. At least for a WWE Show.

The show is ok. The IC title in the Main Event is pretty typical for the time. They sometimes ran multiple shows so the World's champ might be off elsewhere. I've read that Ric Rude was one of the few dudes who could pull a top flight match out of The Ultimate Warrior. The Dusty Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase match 2nd from the top is like an old school NWA Florida vs Bill Watts dream match.

 I wonder if anyone tore it up here? Prolly not. Dudes worked a lot of shows and tended to just mail it in for the most part. It was still fun. I don't remember thinking that the matches where bad or anything as a kid. It was just cool to see TV characters live and in person. 

The Wolverine: Movie Review

 For some reason I didn't see the Wolverine movie the week that it came out. I don't know why. You know, it was about enthusiasm.My families enthusiasm level for this movie was pretty low. At one point, like when we first heard about it the crew was through the roof. Roof High Enthusiasm for the WOLVERINE~!

It didn't last though. As the movie got closer  it became more like a chore that you knew you were going to have to do rather than something that you couldn't wait for. I don't know why.

 It might have been that when I first heard about it I imagined that they would take it very serious. Like The Chris Claremont stuff from Marvel Comics but I thought about it and realized that it would probably end up being very cartoony like Marvel movies often are. It wasn't though. The movie while not as serious as The Dark Knight was still fairly adult oriented.

Look, I liked it. I'm sitting here trying to think of things to say about the movie when basically all I have to say is that I liked it. It has flaws for sure but what comic book movie doesn't? It's a tough genre. I don't think that there is anyway to make a movie based on comic book characters that isn't flawed in some way. If you try and please the comic book purists you are going to make a movie that turns off people who don't read comics but if you try and make a movie that puts your own spin on the story the comic book loyalists are going to be outraged.

I think Wolverine does a good job of riding in the middle. There is a lot of stuff in the movie that is taken directly from the famous Chris Claremont run on The Wolverine solo series that he worked on with Frank Miller back in the day but it's different enough to feel like a different tale. 

Basically the story is that Wolverine gets called to Japan by a powerful business man that he saved from the atomic blast at Nagasaki. The business man is on his death bed and wants to give Wolverine a gift before he passes away. Of course all is not as it seems. It wouldn't be a movie if it did right? 

The story is about mortality and about Wolverine's lack thereof. I dig Wolverine. He's a good character. He's invulnerable and immortal but because of that he's been abused by authority figures over and over again. People either want what he has or want to use what he has for their own evil schemes. The abuse he's survived has left him a hollow shell of a man prone to violence and murder. I feel bad for dude. 
He should be as happy as a vampire on True Blood. He will literally never have to face his mortality or the fear of injury but he's so depressed that he want's nothing more than to die a peaceful death. 

More or less that's what the movie is about. Wolverine and his quest for rest. Things aren't that simple but basically that's it. There is some Yakuza stuff and a romantic side story but the main focus is about Wolverine wanting to join his beloved Jean Grey on the other side but due to his mutant power he can't. 

There are ninjas too. If that's your thing and come on, you know it is. Who doesn't like a good ninja fight? Weirdos maybe and who cares what they think? I do, but only a little. Unless you are a weirdo in which case I want to change my answer and say that, I care a lot! Tons

One of the not so great things about the flick is the villains. They aren't really up to snuff. I can dig it. The movie is supposed to be about Wolverine not the baddies and that's cool. It's one of the things that I enjoyed about it. Still though there has to be some bad guys. It wouldn't be a comic book adventure without them.

I know that one of them was The Silver Samurai who is pretty cool even though he's not the Silver Samurai from the comics. I understand how they have to switch things up for the masses, but for the life of me I can't remember what the bad girl, snake lady is named and I can't be bothered to look it up. That shows you the kind of impact she had on me. Maybe it shows that I'm too lazy to do my due diligence and get you the facts that you need. Who knows? Either one could be true... 

I Got Pinned By A Nazi (online)

I like to play online wrestling. Ok, my secret is out. I love to play WWE 12 on the Play Station Network. Want some? My handle is IseeRobots. Bring it. That's not the story though. Ok, I was home sick from work the other day so I decided to have a match or two to break up the monotony of feeling like crud. 

I usually do OK. I win some, lose some. That's cool. I just like to have fun and put on a good match. That's what is weird about wrestling games. The sport of wrestling is worked but the games are a shoot so you want to win but part of me feels like the fun is trying to put on an entertaining match like they do on TV.

When I play online I use a create a wrestler of Shark Boy but with a custom move set that I've created that attacks the head hard. I like to KO a fool if possible. That's just my thing, breakin' heads. 

Usually for the most part the people that I encounter online are allright. They don't want to chat or anything which is cool because I  don't want to either. We just have a match and move on with our lives but this time was different. I logged on and created a custom match and waited for someone to take up the challenge. I didn't have to wait long. 

After a few minutes Adolph_88 logged on. For those of you not in the know 88 is a Nazi number. Why? Because H is the 8th letter and 88 equals out to Heil Hitler. I mean, dudes name was Adolph so he prolly had to be a Nazi right? Who uses that name except for someone in the Aryan Brotherhood? The 88 was just more evidence. 

I kind of wanted to just quit and not even give the dude the satisfaction of a match. Nazi's aren't they type that I want to hang out with for the most part. Then it occurred to me. Like both my Grandfather's before me I was being given the chance to beat down a Nazi of my own. A virtual Nazi pro wrestler but a Nazi nevertheless. 

So I waited for the game to load, all the while stretching my hands out Aikido style not wanting to be caught cold. The time passed slowly until my opponent revealed his own Create-A-Wrestler, a 7 ft tall Aryan Superman with swastikas tattooed allover his massive, white muscular frame. Dude was a behemoth even if you compared him to some other monster like Van Vader but compared to my Shark Boy, well there was no comparison. I was almost invisible next to this ton of pail white flesh... Picture of a CAW Hitler used to illustrate online wrestling Nazis....

Right from the jump I knew I was in for a whipping. There are dudes like me who want to have fair matches and then there are other dudes out there who create hacked unblockable move sets that all but assure a victory. 

 I had a feeling that was what I was in store for, but it wasn't to be. Much to my surprise my Nazi foe came correct. I was shocked. He didn't use the unblockable stomach kick of death or the unblockable Randy Orton Punt or anything.. 

We went back and forth for awhile. He got heat on me and then I got the heat on him for awhile. It was a good match. There was a time when I thought that I was going to win. I pretty much had it in the bag when he took control of the fight, dripped his finisher on me and got the pin.

I was devastated. Truly wrecked. Like many great Americans before me I was faced with a Nazi foe,but unlike the most of them, THANKFULLY unlike most of them I was defeated. Defeated fairly nonetheless. That makes it all the worst.

 I want a rematch so bad. I've searched online even sent a friend request to my "friend" Adolph_88 so that when he and I are online at the same time I'll know but none of my searching has borne fruit. He's like an Aryan ghost who has vanished into the ether.. 

More Pics From The Beach Boardwalk


Here are a few more of the pictures that I took at The Beach Boardwalk. The first pic is off of the side of a Sea Wolf game. I liked the art and totally dig that submarine. It's hauling ass.. 
Submarines while not my favorite are something that I'm fond of. I prefer stuff like Sea Lab where they live under the water as opposed to traveling through the ocean as a narrative but undersea travel is close enough to undersea habitation to draw me into a game of Sea Wolf or two. 


Volly was the oldest game that they had that you could actually play. It came out in 1973. The same year as me There were some nifty old games on display but they were strictly hands off. You could actually play Volly but I didn't. It was right next to the ladie's bathroom and there was always a long line of girls trying to clean off after their dip in the sea.



The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Classic Corner

Me and the family went to the always awesome Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk over the weekend. Santa Cruz is here in Northern California, maybe 3 hrs from our front door. It's a cool little vacation town with a college and an awesome sea side amusement park called The Beach Boardwalk.

There are rides and  high calorie treats galore as well as a really popular, really crowded beach with everything from families to volleyball games and girls in bikinis. You know, all the California stuff you'd expect. But what gets us motivated to make the trip  is that they have a really nice, dark, noisy, arcade named Neptune's Kingdom. It's huge,packed and totally legit.  

Naturally the Kingdom has it's share of redemption games like all arcades have nowadays but it also has tons and tons of real video games including a very well equiped "Classic Corner". Naturally that's where I headed as soon as I saw the sign that you see up there..


I like to take pics when I hit up the arcade. I don't know, I wish that I would have taken more pictures back in the day but cameras weren't as available as they are now so it's probably something that I couldn't have done even if i wanted too. Cameras were valuable. You know, even disposable cameras were past my means. I never would have had the money to develop the snaps anyhow. Development fees back in the day were off the hook. I remember it was something like 12 bucks per roll. That's crazy money to 1980's Ben Lid. 


Battlezone is the first game that I ever remember playing. I was really little. The game totally confused me. I think it was all the green lines. It's not a complicated games. You just blow up tanks and dodge stuff. The two control sticks are kind of weird though. I played this one here like 5 times. It's pretty fun even though I'm not great at it.  It's always cool when a game company takes the time to make a different set of controls. Joysticks are great of course but it's fun to grab onto some tank controls or motorcycle handlebars. 


Seawolf is another good example of that but with a submarine instead of a tank. Seawolf has really great art. The yellow and blue are both sea toned and different from what you usually see on a video game. The font for "SEA WOLF" is really cool too..

I have a few more pics that I'll post over the next few days. We had a really fun time at The Boardwalk and I'd recommend a visit if you are in the area. I did wonder one thing though. The Classic Corner has all of the classic games you'd expect, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong etc as well as some suprises like Sea Wolf but it got me wondering what sort of things they have stored away. I know that they have to have the real popular old school games but I wouldn't mind if they removed them and used the space for more obscure games that I haven't played in awhile. That's just nit picking though because the place is totally fun and totally working just like it is. 

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

I took my fam to see Pacific Rim this weekend and boy was I enthused. Seriously, I was enthused going in and when I left I was enthused to have seen such a cool movie and to have taken my 11 year old out to see a movie that we both loved. 

Dude,this is a family movie of the highest order. Sure, there is violence and scary stuff, it's not Monsters U which was great too BTW, but it's a damn rad movie that has something for everyone who likes movies that has cool stuff like GIANT ROBOTS in it.

Basically the story is that Earth gets invaded by these monstrous monsters called Kaijus. The Kaiju rise from the sea and wreck shop on mankind in a very Godzilla like way. You know, they stomp around and swing their gigantic arms into skyscrapers utterly destroying everything in their path. 

So mankind being driven to the brink of collapse develop their own giants, giant robots though, called Jaegers which is German for Hunter. Who knew? That's what it meant. I guess with Meister meaning Master that makes Jaegermeister for master hunters and high school kids jocks alike. Anyway, we build these giant mechs to go out and fistfight the monsters before they destroy us all. RAD!

Nowadays it seems like everything that comes out is a sequel or an origin story for some superhero that's already had his origin told on screen as well as on print a million times already. So in a world that only features stories that have already been told it was refreshing to see a movie that while derivative had an original story behind it. 

Sure, it's another movie in the ageless Kaiju genre but that's the only thing that is unoriginal in it. The monsters look new and cool the robots are beyond cool and all the costumes and whatnot involved in the set dressing in the flick have that really great individuality director Guillermo Del Toro brings to everything he touches. I love that dude. If you aren't familiar with him he's the genius behind Hellboy and my favorite Marvel Movie, Blade 2.

It wasn't perfect though. It's a little bit long but I think that of just about every movie that I see and for some reason all of the fight scenes save for one take place in the dark. It prolly makes it easier to hide the details of the CGI but I felt like I never really got a good look at the beasts. Not one that I was satisfied with anyway. The same goes for the Jaegers. There is maybe only one or two times that you get a good look at them in the glistening daytime sun. I'd like to have seen a nice shot of a robot stomping around in the daylight. Maybe dancing even but that's probably asking a little too much. 

There, that pic up there is about as close as you get to seeing daytime. I think that it was a deal of using the darkness as a metaphor of the situation that humanity is in after the rise of the Kaiju. See, we're doomed and in a really dark place so the world it's self looks dark all the time. Who knows? That makes sense to me though... 

Pacific Rim is really good. If it seems like something that you would like, you'd prolly like it. It hits all of the beats that it should and does everything that you could possibly want (except show the Kaiju in the daylight) out of a Kaiju movie.

TSR T-Shirts

I just scanned this from back page of a 1981 TSR Catalog I found out in my garage. Dude, those shirts are rad. I'd really like to have one. I suppose that I could go out and find a replica or use Cafe Press or something and print my own but I think what I want is to be back in the day and be rocking one of those ringers. 

I had a couple of cool shirts like this one that I really loved with the Ghostbusters logo on it.I wore that piece just about every day. Still, I never had a shirt that I would have liked more than one of these. 

The D and D sets that I had were 2nd hand or borrowed from someone so I don't think that I ever got to see the extra whatnots that came packaged with the game so i was entirely unaware of these shirt's existence. That sort of knowledge was totally reserved for the original owner of the game who I imagine hucked the catalog into the round file as soon as he'd perused it's content... 

Here's the cover in case you are interested. I like the D&D font. It's medieval and kind of metal. The little dudes that are in between the blocks around the window sort of look like Pokemon or like the skeletons of Pokemon at least... 

Ric Flair And The Horsemen Coloring Page

God, doesn't Chris Benoit just look like a murderer back there? Seriously. It looks like all of those anger lines are coming right off of him. Yikes.

I have a great idea. I think that we should all fully color this. Let's do it. It'll probably be a lot of fun. Coloring is more fun than you remember. You have access to crayons right? You must. They are everywhere and you are more than likely around the age where you either have kids or know someone who does. Borrow some crayons from them. Go to the Dollar Tree and pick up a pack. Pick up two. They only cost a buck.

After you color it scan it in and send it to me. Here is my addy. Official ISR Coloring Page Entry Location. Send it there and I'll post it here. I'd love to post it here. Get on it kids. What else do you have to do? Oh, you don't have a scanner? Well, email me and we can figure something out. Maybe you can mail it in? We can figure it out.... 

I think that I will post this to the Facebook page too. What Facebook page? This one... ICHIBAN GUMI! You should totally join up there. Anyway, thanks for stopping in and make sure to outline dark and color in light. That's what my 2nd grade teacher Ms. Whatsherface used to say back at Harnew Elementary..

T.R.O.Y Jim Kelly


I took that picture when I saw Jim Kelly at Wondercon in San Francisco. It was two years ago, 2011.

 I had heard that he passed on Facebook two days ago but for some reason it just slipped my mind until I saw a little obit for him in my morning newspaper. That surprised me because usually they reserve that for big time stars.  Maybe whoever runs that section for The Press Democrat is a fan. That has to be it. It's weird.

 It's just that they don't always run it when a movie actor dies. Over the years the P.D has skipped over some pretty big name stars. 

Now, don't think that I don't like or respect Jim Kelly because nothing could be further from the truth. Black Belt Jones is the bomb and he did his best with the stuff he was given in Enter The Dragon. Having a small part in a classic cool movie is enough to get props from me. 

I've seen Jim Kelly at every Wondercon that I've gone to. Bob Wall who was also in Enter The Dragon is also just about always there too. So what I've always wondered is why someone doesn't put them next to each other and create some kind of double bill super sign-a-thon? Who knows? Maybe they have different agents.
That's a really dope pic. It must be great to get the chance to pal around with The Champ. It must be double great that The Champ is cool with goofing around with you. Ali seems like a friendly dude but he looks into it there. 

Kelly passed from cancer. That's a bummer. As of two years ago according to the pic up there he looked alright. Older but healthy. It's always sad when someone you grew up on dies. It really makes you feel your own mortality doesn't it? 

Jim Kelly you will be missed.. 

Some Cool Pics From A Martial Arts Book I Got...

 photo Scan0002_zpsb1b623c1.jpg

I finally got around to getting a new scanner. It's been awhile. I don't know why. Just lazy I guess. Anyhoo, I've started scanning in pics from this really cool martial arts book that I have called Instant Self Defense. It's totally useless. Like, if you tried some of this stuff you'd get killed deader than dead. 

This pick is great. You can tell that it's time to get it on cuz dude points his finger tips toward you. Watch out punk. You are doomed. 

What I like about this book is that it's helping you to fight off greasers which is something that I actually have to deal with fairly often. My town is overrun with rockabillies. Seriously. It's quite a problem to me. 

Here is the first couple of images. I'm going to be loading up more martial arts goodness over the next few days so keep your ears to the streets and your eyes open for rampaging rockabillies...

I See Robots Radio #38. The Shark Boy Special

 photo dean-roll-picture-1_zpsdb4c0a47.jpg

This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 00:34:51

Ya, it's been awhile since I dropped one of these. Sorry. I think that I've provided some entertainment in other ways though right? Come on. I totally did. Anyhow, this is here now so let's not dwell on the past. It's gone and you can't go back. 

Basically it took Shark Boy briefly returning to Impact Wrestling to motivate me to sit down and do a little mixing. That's how much I love Shark Boy. He got me off the couch and back on the 1's and 2's.. Yo Ben Lid, drop the beat... 

I like this episode though. There are little Shark Boy bits behind just about every song and also a bunch of bay area commercials. I can dig that some of you folks don't like hip-hop music but I think that there are some worthwhile songs in there and if you stick around there is some Shark Boy prolly every two or three minutes. I don't think that's too long to wait for something. Well, it sort of is but you know, just deal with it already....

Here is a list of the songs. I think that they're all pretty decent. I especially like the one by The Mynors. it has a lot of blips and bloops. That's my style of hip hop. Drum machines and bloops. Hey, thanks for checking in and enjoy the show...

  1. Son Of Sam: Raekwon
  2. Woooow: Trackademicks ft. Kool Ad
  3. Boss Nigga: Juicy J
  4. Dude: Asher Roth
  5. Mr. Mista: The Mynors
  6. Banana Clippers: Run The Jewels 
  7. Hottest MC: Danny Brown
  8. Back To Work: Marco Polo Ft. The Artifacts 

ISR Radio 38 Teaser

Download | Duration: 00:00:45

I'm currently working on a long overdue episode of ISR Radio. It's been like a year since my last one. I probably shouldn't advertise that. Anyhoo, I'm working on it. By that I mean it's almost done. I just have to move some things around and other this and thats.

 I wanted to throw a bone out though. To like, give you a taste of what's to come on ISR Radio Number 38, The Shark Boy Special..... Oh yes, The Shark Boy Special. You kids like Shark Boy right? No not the movie with Lava Girl, the professional grappler who comes from the bottom of the sea and sounds like Stone Cold Steve Austin. The cool one in the mask. This show is gonna be about him... 

Iron Mike Kicks A Slur On Raw

Mike Kicking Slurs by IseeRobots

I got one of those gimmicks that you use to get your VHS tapes into your computer at the Goodwill the other day. Really. It cost 7 bucks. I didn't have a VCR that had outputs so I had to get one of those too but it was only 3 dollars so overall, 10 clams. That's not too bad because it gives me an excuse to watch some of the million video tapes that I've accumulated over the years. That's awesome right? 

I have a VCR TV in my garage/dojo that I use to watch my old wrestling tapes while I weakly pump iron. Don't make fun. Anyhow, I was in there a few minutes back and the deal where Iron Mike Tyson was on Raw to announce his guest refereeing gig. So what happens? Stone Cold Steve Austin runs in and wrecks shop of course.. 

It's a pretty famous moment on Raw so I won't run it down for you again. The video that I got up there is from a few minutes after the incident. Mike is in the locker room with Vince and some of their cronies acting all pissed off then BOOM Mike looks into the camera and yells "FAGGOT!" Boom, there you have it... Caught me off guard and made me laugh at how tame the WWE is today in comparison. 

Not that I want dudes bashing gays or anything but BOOM! It was unplanned and kinda' wild even for back in the day when dudes used that word all the time...

T.R.O.Y: James Gandolfini

Man, this is a bummer. I've been watching The Sopranos over again on HBO lately so Gandolfini is fresh in my mind. He just absolutely kills the Tony Soprano role. If dude never did anything ever again or only did shitty stuff he'd still be a legend. 

It's always sad to hear about someone who you respect passes on. I don't really know what else there is to say that isn't being said all over the place. Gandolfini was an awesome actor and he nailed it when he was given the chance to star on a well done TV show. They gave him the ball and he hit a walk-off field goal. That's a thing right? Anyway,  T.R.O.Y Gandolfini. 

Movie Review: This Is The End

Me and the wife went to the movies the other day. We're, well me, are summer movie people. I like Oscar films and all that but nothing gets me interested like a nice summer flick with some action and some laughs, ugh there is nothing better.

We thought about seeing Superman but it looks so dreary. Who needs that? I mean, I'm going to see it, prolly today but I don't really feel like I'm in a rush to see it. IDK, it just looks so dreary. That's not what I'm looking for in a Man Of Steel but that's a conversation for another time and place, prolly here, prolly later today...

The other big movie that opened this week was the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg comedy This Is The End. I've been looking forward to this one for days. Since I saw the early trailers. It looked funny and I was popped in counting down the day mode from the get-go. 

So, the deal is that the dudes in the movie, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Craig Robertson, Jay Baruchel, Danny Mcbride, Jonah Hill etc are all playing really exaggerated versions of themselves and while they're attending James Franco's house warming-house party the literal biblical apocalypse pops off. 

I love that premise. It's original. It plays off of the current, well constant popularity of the apocalypse but adds the spin of involving vapid celebrities and their inherent personal weaknesses. We all love poking fun at our betters. 

Pretty much I want to say right now that this was one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen. Seriously. I totally mean that. It's hilarious. You should see it . Ok, it' crude well totally crude. You will be stunned by some of the grody/funny things that you see but dude, just get with it. Sit down, let loose and get with the program. This is a great comedy.  

I don't want to give a lot away but besides the end of the world there is a real solid storyline about Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen's friendship. Basically they used to be really tight back in the day but they've drifted apart mainly due to the differences in the amount of career and personal success each one has been having. Seth Rogen is ruling and Jay Baruchel while having had some wins isn't clocking Rogen level loot.

 It's pretty heady stuff to throw in on top of demons walking the Earth but it's cool to see something that seems based on some sort of reality and as everyone who watches wrestling knows the best angles are the ones that have at least one foot in some sort of reality. Or at least seem to be.

Anyhow, go out and see this. It gets the ISR Recommendation of the highest order. Ten Stars or Ten Thumbs Up whichever you prefer. 

Movie Review: The Purge

My wife and me had a little free time and decided to take in a flick. What flick? Well, The Purge with Ethan Hawk and the lady who plays Cersei Lannister on Game Of Thrones. It took me awhile to figure out her identity because she had gone and dyed her hair black and it made her look a bit older than the Cersei that i'm used to.. 

Ok, so the basic idea for the movie is that as a way to let people blow off steam the government allows everyone to go out and get nuts for one twelve hour period per year. I mean you can go nuts, there are no laws to speak of. You can cold murder people that you've wanted to smoke or just go out and go buck all over the streets LA riots style.

 The notion is that people are violent by nature and by letting them blow off steam once per year you keep the crime rate down because people are more inclined to stay in line knowing that on the day of The Purge they can go out and kill their boss or that annoying coworker that we all have if you want to.

While it's played off like a way to let loose in reality it seems like the "real" idea of The Purge is to go out and kill the homeless and the unemployed. See, that way you keep the negative statistics low. I mean, on paper it's a good idea but in reality it's kind of mean.

I think that the idea of the movie is good. I like it when they take something and add it to our standard history and explore what that weird idea might mean to us overall. Unfortunately that's not what they do here. It's more like a home invasion joint than an alt-history movie. 

More or less what happens is that the family that the movie is based around is on lock down during the annual purge as most upper crust families seem to do. A few hours into the lockdown their son lets a man who is being hunted down by murderers hide into their house. That's a big no-no. The morals of the country seem to be that people are encouraged to Purge and as a good citizen you shouldn't stand in their way. Americans don't interfere with people's rights. That's as Un-American as it gets. 

The conflict comes when the fools that are on the hunt find out that their prey as hiding in the house. They, as creepily as possible let the family know that if they don't turn him over they can suffer the same fate that their initial victim was going to. They mean that they are going to kill them all if that wasn't obvious.

From their it's pretty standard home invasion stuff. It's not too violent or too scary. I went with my wife and she has zero tolerance for horror type activities and The Purge wasn't too much for her. There were points where I thought that it was going to escalate into really horrible stuff but it didn't happen. That's ok. It wasn't what I was expecting anyway. 

Like I said earlier I thought that it'd have more about things like how The Purge came about like how did society come to this point? That's the sort of thing that I think is interesting and there just wasn't enough of that in The Purge for me to recommend it to you guys. 

An Arrest Warrant For Tim Dog?


According to news source, WREG TV in Atlanta and arrest warrant has been issued for Timothy Blair aka Tim Dog... I am unable to embed the video due to some sort of technical deal but follow the link up there to peep it out. I seriously recommend that you do. It has Tim's old Ultramagnetic teammate Ced G up on it.

Basically the DA there thinks that The Dog is alive and with us still and that he needs to be brought forward to pay for his crimes. Ya right, you aint never gonna catch Tim Dog. Dudes to slick.. Remember to check back often for the latest in the "Is Tim Dog Alive?" saga...