Fisher Price Adventure People

As a kid I was always in to Fisher Price Adventure People. I didn't have any but when I saw them in the Sears Christmas catalog or at the store they seemed really neat. What I liked about them was that they were people who did somewhat normal things as opposed to some of the super kooked out things that where happening in Star Wars or whatever.

Fisher Price did have some kooked out space adventures don't get me wrong but they mostly focused on outdoorsy activities and real life professions. Cool professions like race car drivers and news casters but still they had things that you could maybe aspire to be. 

Fisher Price produced the line from 1974 to 1985 and pooped out 35 sets. That's not too bad really. I'd have to call them a success. The sets usually included a vehicle and a couple of people but you could also buy some of the people individually carded. I don't remember seeing them that way but that doesn't mean that I didn't. I was prolly just to caught up looking at GI-Joes or DC Super Powers Figures. 

The pic up there is my meager collection of Adventure People. I also have a few vehicles but they aren't in the best shape and when I went to look for them to take a picture of I found a couple of them in the bathtub. I guess my daughter still digs them and that's a testament to the durability of the line.  


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